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Easy batch procession for AI-based translations & speech synthesis

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Different limits for different use cases

Langu.AI ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice anything when translating into text or speech.

Every company has its preferences when it comes to translation tools or voices. That is why we have integrated several providers at once. For translations, you can choose between Google and Deepl. For audio output, our tool offers Azure, Amazon and Google. Langu.AI thus combines many features that other tools can only partially handle.

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With Langu.AI you can choose between Text- and Audio-Output of your translation source. You can even get both in one step.

Several male and female Wavenet speakers are available.


For an fluid writing style it´s sometimes necessary to first translate your text into another source language than your final product would be.

Our tool allows you to translate your text into different languages – step by step in follow-up actions – until you have your best end result.

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Our Follow-up-actions allow you to convert your text into different languages, text- and audio-files at the same time.

Translating big text data costs a lot of time and is very laborious. The hourly rate of translation agencies are expensive compared to a tool for which you only have to buy a character contingent.

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